Saturday, May 17, 2014
What is "Hope?"  It is the belief  in a positive outcome based on an expectation that a goal can be attained and events can and will turn out for the best.

Welcome to Living by Hope!!

Does a confident hope in itself do something in a battle against a serious illness such as cancer?  Absolutely!  A person whose outlook is positive and optimistic experiences an inner joy and is happier. This happier state of mind will be followed by a life with less stress.   And how does our amazing body react with less stress? It thrives!

Nearly 3,000 years ago a wise man wrote;  "A heart that is joyful does good as a curer, but a spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry".  He does not say that a joyful heart will cure any ailment, but simply that it "does good as a curer".  Following this advice, we will do better as we focus on happy, uplifting thoughts.

Hope is not a medicine in itself, but if it were - Every doctor would prescribe it!!  With this in mind, my personal choice is to keep on "Living by Hope"!

Within this website, I hope to provide not just encouragement, but links to products that I have found helpful in improving nutrition and healthy living.  Be sure and check out my "Resource" pages for further information that may prove useful. 

Please, please let's never give up hope!!  It is worth the fight as our lives are so very precious.  We want to offer comfort to our friends or family that are dealing with this difficult disease and in turn this can strengthen them and give them the courage and determination needed to survive!!

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